Experience. Expertise. Excellence.

Creating impact by bringing world-best knowledge in innovations and technologies has long been a fundamental part of our vision. Whether we are working with independent authors to carefully develop high-quality content or partnering with world-leading publishing conglomerates, we have always been dedicated to strengthening the position of Eastern Europe in the area of professional development.

The results speak for themselves. Over our years of effective partnerships with leading publishing houses, we have delivered hundreds of books in the areas of information technologies and computer science that have progressed to reach millions of Russian-speaking readers all over the world!

International Rights

Turning innovative vision into bestsellers.

We bring innovative and high-quality content from the world to the local Eastern Europe market via our established partnerships with world-renowned players. We have worked with Pearson, Mc-Graw, O’Reilly, Wiley, Cengage, Elsevier and many others to acquire international rights, perform high-quality professional translation, and complete the full-cycle of prepress work required to deliver hundreds of IT and computer science books to Russian-speaking readers throughout the world.

Local Authors

Inform, educate, and inspire.

Our portfolio covers a wide range of books from unique boutique-type products to bestsellers that have sold over one million copies. Finding technology, identifying the niche, defining how the book should be represented, determining the time it should be on the market – those are just a few of the challenges we have to overcome to bring innovative ideas to market.

And it doesn’t matter how unique the idea is or the way it’s produced – the constant search for a compromise between what readers need, time to market, and financial performance of each book we publish requires a high level of business competence and a deep understanding of the technologies involved.

Our enthusiastic team of publishing professionals is dedicated to helping local authors make the best decisions. Tap into our advanced business competence to take your voice to people throughout the world.

Whether you have the seed of an innovative idea or simply want to get a book published – get in touch with us now and tell us what you have in mind. Let’s do this together!