Preparing students for success in a changing world.

Over our years of operation, we have developed our own approach that takes students through all stages of the learning lifecycle to create a unique and memorable learning experience. We understand that students learn in different ways. As such, our methodology allows us to choose from a variety of learning methods that are aligned with individual learning styles or corporate training needs. We have proudly delivered high-quality training services and customized corporate training solutions to thousands of people.

Specialized Training

Education is a path, not a destination.

No two students are alike – this fact has always been a key driver of the training programs we have developed during our years of operation. Either working with individuals or targeting large corporate clients, our training programs have always been tailored to the needs of every student. We have provided a variety of short-term and long-lasting training programs to thousands of people covering different technologies such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAS, Apple, and many others.

To be successful in the modern world, IT professionals need more than hard skills. Through applying our understanding of contemporary market needs, we became one of the first training providers in Eastern Europe to offer internationally recognized expertise in project management by establishing the Registered Education Provider of Project Management Institute (REP PMI). Through the REP PMI, we delivered bespoke training programs across a variety of courses related to effective communications, leadership, quality management, and many others.

Distance Education

Innovative education is the key to a better future.

The need to be at the cutting-edge of innovative developments is ingrained in our DNA. We were the pioneers of commercial distance-learning solutions in Eastern Europe. The combination of high-quality multimedia content and well-structured courses in addition to the opportunity to communicate with instructors remotely has allowed our students to easily engage with innovative ways of learning via a wide range of courses in the areas of information technologies and computer science.

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